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"When you feel the need to get back to nature, go for it, learn, and take it all in. You won't regret it."

- Unknown


Our number one goal is to preserve the beautiful eco system that we cherish while providing our guests the most immersive experience possible. 


By sharing our expertise and local knowledge we hope that you will be able to grow as passionate as we feel about our waters! It's a very special place that we call home. Come join us!

Shells with Starfish


Experiences we share with our tours will stay with you for a lifetime. Our local mammals are the highlight of our trips. No matter what season you visit we will explore all the possibilities! There is always something interesting to learn and new things to see.


Our connection to nature always strengthens as we search for dolphins, manatees and other interesting sea life.  Our knowledgeable crew knows what it takes to locate and observe our local wildlife in their natural habitat while giving them their space to be themselves while we enjoy them.

Great Egret Saying Hello
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